Why Gomboc

Gomboc is modern DevSecOps

Gomboc AI For Security

Fixing cloud issues, instead of just finding

Eliminate your remediation backlog once and for all

Get your team out of remediation debt with IaC your team can completely trust.

fix as you find

Close the gap with DevOps

Don't wait for DevOps to research and remediate security issues. Push fixes directly to DevOps to approve as pull requests.

No new learning required

Create and manage security policies in plain English instead of learning a platform-specific framework.

Source of truth

Gomboc AI is your centralized platform to easily and granularly manage cloud security policies.

Secure by Design

Gomboc AI produces code that follows security best practices while being aware of your intention and cloud environment.

Compliance Made Easy

Maintain compliance standards during and after remediation with IaC that is in line with compliance frameworks.

"Solving infrastructure problems directly with IaC, and in a way that takes into account the actual architecture, is an enabler for both security and DevOps teams. Gomboc.ai’s approach to this is unique and beats anything I’ve seen in the market."

Jonathan Jaffe
CISO, Lemonade

Deterministic AI
Consistent and correct output
Statistically generated
Precisely created
Configuration drift management
May cause drift with generated output
Contextually aware
of existing policies
Real-time understanding of cloud service providers
Trained occasionally, may degrade
Updated constantly, maintains context
Real-time understanding of your environment
Trained occasionally, may degrade
Updated constantly, maintains context
Compliance and Security Frameworks
When specifically prompted
Built into training
 and resulting IaC

Completely transform the way you remediate and secure the cloud

Gomboc's Deterministic AI engine is purpose-built to provide effective, secure, and precise IaC that remediates cloud security issues with a contextual understanding of your environment. Maintain rule compliance across your entire cloud environment with AI. No hallucinations here.

Security needs precision, not ChatGPT

Scale with form

Make structured security decisions. Remove busy work. Get back to building.

Gomboc AI allows engineering teams to put the focus back on innovation without worrying about configuration drift and cloud infrastructure misconfigurations. Security teams only need to make policy decisions once to effectively secure cloud environments and maintain compliance.

Works with all major IaC tools

Terraform logo


Gomboc AI can use Terraform to configure and manage all your cloud infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. It can manage components of all levels like compute, storage, DNS entries, and SaaS.

CloudFormation Logo


Gomboc AI can use CloudFormation to manage and secure an entire AWS infrastructure while accounting for the current services and environment. It makes sure not to push costly configurations that adds more work to DevOps.

Pulumi Logo


Gomboc AI uses Pulumi to provide precise and secure IaC through Pulumi's Infrastructure as Code Engine. It tries to use existing Pulumi packages from your team to follow best practices.

Puppet logo


Gomboc AI can use Puppet to guarantee a desired secure state each time. It leverages Puppet's agent-server architecture to manage patching, protect secrets, and zero out misconfigurations.

Reduce your backlog to zero

With Gomboc AI, you can effectively reduce your remediation backlog to zero. Instead of delegating your remediation to a human, Gomboc's AI engine just gets it done for you every time infrastructure updates are made.