Remediation as easy as hitting approve

Gomboc AI continuously pushes fixes for DevOps teams to approve through a pull request. Now, all cloud infrastructure security findings can be addressed without the usual fatiguing.

Close the gaps between security, DevOps, and developers.

Default Secure

Security teams set policies based on security and compliance decisions

  • Organization-wide or stage/project specific policies
  • One-click policy creation based on common frameworks (AWS Well-Architected, SOC2, etc).
  • Powerful, yet easy policy creation with user tagging.
"I’m looking to finally find a solution that seamlessly remediates our entire CSPM backlog across all our products. provides a true shift-left approach for existing infrastructure and new ones."

Richard Barretto, CISO at Progress Software.
Backlog Zero

Gomboc automatically submits remediation pull requests for DevOps to review and approve.

  • AI model trained daily on CSP documentation.
  • Works with all common IaC (Terraform, Chef, etc)
  • Push IaC directly to CI/CD Pipelines (GitHub Actions, etc)
  • Gomboc Projects always synced with code repositories
“Gomboc is a time machine for security and DevOps. It saves countless hours chasing misconfigurations and researching issues. Because it integrates directly into the CI/CD pipeline, remediation is as easy as approving a pull request. The fact that Gomboc is trained nightly on cloud service provider documentation is a game-changer."

Pavel Livshiz, General Partner at Hetz Ventures.
Innovation at scale

Engineers can make changes to infrastructure as Gomboc continuously enforces policies.

  • Manage policies by custom stages (production, staging, etc)
  • Reviews pull requests and adds remediation in-line.
  • Context-aware code creation means IaC is always effective, best-practice, and secure
  • Simple exception handling implementation
“Solving infrastructure problems directly with IaC, and in a way that takes into account the actual architecture, is an enabler for both security and DevOps teams.’s approach to this is unique and beats anything I’ve seen in the market. I expect that adopting this approach may fundamentally change how we approach cloud security.”

Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade
Non-disruptive effectiveness

Bring Your Own Infrastructure

Gomboc AI is built to work within the bounds of your infrastructure and how your team already uses IaC. No new policy language or learning is required.

Remediate all of your cloud security posture management issues with code and keep misconfigurations at bay so that your cloud infrastructure backlog remains at zero.

Allow cloud teams to become interoperable by offloading full cloud service provider understanding to Gomboc. Now teams can communicate through plaintext statements.

Ensure your environments adhere strictly to organization-wide, stage-specific, or project-specific infrastructure security policies. Import common compliance frameworks like SOC2 with a few clicks so that environments never drift.


Why Gomboc

Gomboc AI is changing the way cloud infrastructure is secured. Learn more about how Gomboc is dedicated to powering the future of DevSecOps.

Context-aware and secure IaC

Gomboc AI understands your environment and provides IaC that actually makes sense for your current service usage.

Simple policy configuration

Import frameworks at once or create custom policies with just a few clicks of a button. Plaintext statements means nothing gets lost in translation

Real-time understanding of cloud services

Reduce the DevOps toil of researching specific remediations and new cloud service provider updates. Allow teams to configure multi-cloud without needing to know it all ahead of time.

Reduce your backlog to zero

Make CSPM findings a thing of the past. Integrate Gomboc AI and immediately get remediations pushed to your CI/CD pipeline so DevOps teams can skip the busywork. Never fall out of compliance again. Never deal with cloud misconfigurations. Get to #BacklogZero today.