We Scan and Fix Your Terraform Scripts

We'll get your cloud infrastructure compliance-ready and secure in just 48 hours. We'll work with your existing Terraform scripts and provide back clean, remediated, context-aware to your environment versions so you can deploy with peace of mind!

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Cloud infrastructure is a misconfiguration minefield, but it doesn't have to be

Tech and Security Debt

Patches, hotfixes, founder code, out of cycle deployments all contribute to heaps of tech debt; which then create an overwhelming amount of security alerts.

Knowledge Upkeep

Keeping up with AWS and Terraform updates is no small feat for any engineer.

Changing Requirements

Infrastructure and compliance requirements quickly change as your product and customer base grows.

Our offer

We help you fix all the security issues in your Terraform in one 48 hour sprint.

Hello infrastructure

Day 1: We’ll audit your current Terraform files.

Our team will work with you to understand what you currently have and if it is correctly reflective what what you actually need.

goodbye vulnerabilities

Day 2: We’ll provide a fixed version of your Terraform

We’ll provide the Terraform files that define a secured version of your infrastructure and walk through the reasoning for each and every change.

Hello New infrastructure scripts

Deploy: Take your newly secured IaC live!

Start seeing the cloud security alerts disappear with your new and improved infrastructure. We’ll be on standby to help answer any questions you may have.

Worried about the what ifs? We'll refund you the money if we aren't able to make your Terraform more secure!

Work with our cloud security experts to diagnose, architect, and secure your cloud infrastructure. Learn about DevOps, IaC, and AWS best practices directly from our team!

Imagine if your cloud security issues backlog went to zero. Imagine the real work you could start doing.

We believe that configuration mistakes could and should be a thing of the past. That's why we're offering this unique, one-time deal for engineering teams to iron out the issues in their Terraform.

Why Gomboc

Cloud and Enterprise Expertise

As a team of previous CISOs and security leaders, we have first-hand expertise in what an organization needs in their cloud environment. Who better to secure your cloud than then experts who led security teams at Amazon before?

"I’m looking to finally find a solution that seamlessly remediates our entire CSPM backlog across all our products. Gomboc.ai provides a true shift-left approach for existing infrastructure and new ones."

Richard Barretto, CISO at Progress Software.
Uniqure platform


It’s no secret. Our award-winning platform is what enables us to do what we do. Gomboc ingests documentation from AWS every night to stay perfectly up to date and helps us make sure your Terraform scripts stay compliant, secure, and modern.

“Gomboc is a time machine for security and DevOps. It saves countless hours chasing misconfigurations and researching issues. Because it integrates directly into the CI/CD pipeline, remediation is as easy as approving a pull request. The fact that Gomboc is trained nightly on cloud service provider documentation is a game-changer."

Pavel Livshiz, General Partner at Hetz Ventures.
return on investment

More than just security

By fixing your infrastructure, you’re not only securing your cloud environment, but you’ll be making it compliant and possibly cheaper to run!

“Solving infrastructure problems directly with IaC, and in a way that takes into account the actual architecture, is an enabler for both security and DevOps teams. Gomboc.ai’s approach to this is unique and beats anything I’ve seen in the market. I expect that adopting this approach may fundamentally change how we approach cloud security.”

Jonathan Jaffe, CISO, Lemonade

Pay once, remediate immediately

Gomboc's Terraform Remediation Sprint might just be the highest return on security investment for your DevSecOps team this quarter!

$4,497/one-time payment

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