Self-Righting Cloud Security

Use AI to continuously remediate all your cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities. Close the remediation gap between DevOps and Security.

Security Policy by Humans,
IaC Remediations by AI

leverage deterministic ai

Secure and remediate your cloud with precision.

Maintain your cloud environment through one platform that continuously ensures compliance and security. Security teams can decide on security policies and Gomboc produces the IaC for DevOps to approve. All manual IaC is reviewed by Gomboc AI inside the CI/CD pipeline to ensure there is no configuration drift. Never fall out of compliance again.

Context Aware Code

Gomboc AI understands your cloud environment and pushes IaC that adheres strictly to current services and configurations.

Plain Text Policy

Readable statements means nothing is lost in translation. Point-and-click to easily set up organization or project specific policies.

Allowing Engineering to Finally Scale

Take the guesswork out of DevOps remediating cloud infrastructure security issues so both teams can progress.

Bring your own infrastructure

Gomboc AI does not require you to lock your cloud native architectures into a pre-defined platform or cloud service provider. We're built to operate with all major cloud providers with all major Infrastructure-as-Code tools. No learning curve required to get started.

Ensure security and compliance.

Decide on your security policies with the guarantee they'll be maintained through the lifecycle of the environment. Security teams can set organization-wide or project-specific policies through a point-and-click policy generator and trust that Gomboc AI will help all teams adhere strictly to those rules.

Reduce the cloud knowledge gap.

By training nightly, Gomboc AI maintains a real-time understanding of cloud service providers. This allows DevOps to free their time from researching each little intricate update from a cloud service provider, freeing them up to be impactful elsewhere.

No guess work, just actual fixes.

Gomboc AI gives engineers the ability to finally remediate their issues. No more need for delegation, prioritization, or research. Fixes are directly part of the DevOps workflow and appear as pull requests to be approved.

Shift the focus back to progress.

Turn the attention back onto real engineering impact, rather than toiling with remediation. No more time needs to be spent chasing down out-of-compliance IaC or researching how to remediate something. Security and DevOps are finally aligned.

Works with all major IaC tools

Terraform logo


Gomboc AI can use Terraform to configure and manage all your cloud infrastructure throughout its lifecycle. It can manage components of all levels like compute, storage, DNS entries, and SaaS.

CloudFormation Logo


Gomboc AI can use CloudFormation to manage and secure an entire AWS infrastructure while accounting for the current services and environment. It makes sure not to push costly configurations that adds more work to DevOps.

Pulumi Logo


Gomboc AI uses Pulumi to provide precise and secure IaC through Pulumi's Infrastructure as Code Engine. It tries to use existing Pulumi packages from your team to follow best practices.

Puppet logo


Gomboc AI can use Puppet to guarantee a desired secure state each time. It leverages Puppet's agent-server architecture to manage patching, protect secrets, and zero out misconfigurations.

Reduce your CSPM backlog to zero

Make CSPM findings a thing of the past. Integrate Gomboc AI and immediately get remediations pushed to your CI/CD pipeline so DevOps teams can skip the busywork. Never fall out of compliance again. Never deal with cloud misconfigurations. Get to #BacklogZero today.